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Wireless Phone Navigator

Wireless Phone Navigator

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👌 Control Your Mobile Phone 📱 While Driving! Using This Wireless Phone Navigator! 😍

Control your phone while driving. It's easy and safe. You will also get a bracket that can be used to fix the controller to the steering wheel.


✔️ The wireless connection function of the controller will not affect the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone to the car speaker.

✔️ With the wireless controller, you can remotely control your phone for selfies, videos, meetings, and other occasions.

✔️ It also has a magnetic design on the back, which can be absorbed on the metal surface.

✔️ Three buttons with different functions can help you complete daily mobile phone operations, including click, scroll, and return.

Portable Car Wireless Mobile Phone Controller

👉 Joystick: Controls the direction of the mouse pointer and has a confirmation button. (Quick button twice keeps the confirmation state, the third press is to end the confirmation operation.) Use the scroll wheel to control the current page-turning.

Portable Car Wireless Mobile Phone Controller

👉 Keys: Back key or exit key.

👉 Battery Drawer: place CR2032 battery (negative side up).

Portable Car Wireless Mobile Phone Controller

👉 Bracket: clipped to the appropriate position of the steering wheel, the bracket is suitable for the steering wheel grip size 28-35cm (Please clip it to the appropriate angle and position according to your personal habits, so as not to affect the driving).

Portable Car Wireless Mobile Phone Controller

Product Specifications :

💠 Materials: ABS
💠 Product Weight: 80G
💠 Product Color: Black

Portable Car Wireless Mobile Phone Controller

Package Include :

Phone Controller × 1
Adapter × 1

Portable Car Wireless Mobile Phone Controller

- Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
- Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.

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