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Space Capsule Bluetooth Earphone

Space Capsule Bluetooth Earphone

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Space Capsule Style Wireless Bluetooth Earphones!

😱 "The Incredible Space Capsule Style Design" 😱

👉 With the ultimate external storage charging, plus touch control function, simple and convenient

Binaural Separation Design

The earphones are designed independently and can be used separately. One earphone is connected to one mobile phone; equivalent to two independent Bluetooth earphones or two earphones can be used together. Cool clock breathing light, classic blue light, between two breaths

Headphone waterproof rating: IPX6 cannot be used for swimming
Automatic pairing

1. Remove the left and right (LR) headphones from the charging case. The ear will automatically open and connect
2. Turn on the phone Bluetooth search and click on the main headset name to pair.
3. When used again, they will automatically connect to your Bluetooth device

Product Features :

-True wireless stereo, HIFI sound.
-Both the left and right ears have full Bluetooth headset functionality and can be used individually or in pairs.
-Dual-mode Bluetooth 5.0, ultra-low power consumption.
-Bluetooth transmission distance: 10 meters barrier-free.
-Listening to song time: about 4 hours
-F9 Battery capacity (charge box): Built-in 2000mAh large capacity battery. Power bank provides charging for your phone
Compatible with iOS Android phones, laptops and other Bluetooth devices

Packing List :

1 * Charging compartment 70g
1 * Data cable
3 * Ear cap
1 * A pair of headphones 8g
1 * Instructions

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